Plates made of copper are used in various industries. Especially copper plate widely used in electrical, electronics, mechanical engineering, precision mechanics, shipbuilding, seawater desalination plants, food industry, construction, production of decorative designs, etc. Use cases are caused by the properties of the copper. Copper has a high thermal and electrical conductivity, high plasticity, handled well, has high elastic properties. Copper resistant to the action of moisture, and has good corrosion resistance in various media. Stove can stably operate at extremes of temperature from -200 C to + 250 C.
Most copper plate is made rectangular (OL) with a thickness of 25 to 150 mm, a width of 150 to 2500 mm and a length of 600 to 4000 mm. The tolerance on length and width depending on the size ranges from 0.2 to 5 mm, flatness - less than 2.3 mm per meter.
Plates are classified:
- As of the material (semi-hard, hard and extra hard, which is reflected in the marking of the letters P, T and G);
- For the manufacture of precision (normal accuracy in width and length and increased accuracy that is marked by the letters M and L);
- A method for machining (not machined and milled, as indicated in the marking letters H and F). By agreement is possible to supply plates with etched surface;
- According to the method of manufacture (hot-rolled and cold-rolled, that is marked by the letters D and E). The board can be made of the following copper alloys and grades (GOST 859-2001) MSr0,1, BrSr, M1UN, M1rO M1, M1r, M2, M2P.
The copper plate is marked in accordance with GOST 1173-2006. The symbol indicates a method of its manufacture, the cross section shape, precision manufacturing, condition, size, copper stamp, special conditions and the designation of the above Standard. For example, when ordering a hot slab of solid grade M1 copper rectangular section 25 mm thick, 1000 mm wide and 1500 mm in length normal manufacturing precision in thickness and width will be identified as follows: Plate GPRNT 25h1000h1500 M1 GOST 1173-2006.

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