Copper Plate is flat rolled copper type rectangular cross-section with a thickness of 25 mm. Produced in accordance with GOST 1173 of copper GOST 859.
We have supplied a copper plate the following brands - MSr0,1, M1rO, M1, M1r.
Copper has many advantages: high thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, ductility, ease of machining, a material harmless to human and environment.
Depending on the method of production of copper plate can be hot and cold rolled, milled and milled, dimensional and multiple dimensional width, dimensional and multiple dimensional length random length. In size copper plate is produced from a width of 150 to 2,500 mm and lengths from 600 to 4000 mm. The thickness varies from 25 mm to 150 mm.
The surface of the copper plate should be free of any contamination that may hamper the visual assessment of its condition. According to GOST allowed discoloration, darkening and traces of lubricant technology, because they do not affect the properties of the claimed plate and do not create difficulties in the further use of the material. Single surface defects should not reduce the thickness of the copper plate after cleaning. Not a defect traces of scale, roll, having the form of a fine mesh.
In accordance with GOST copper plate is manufactured cut to length and width, but in consultation with the consumer holiday plate is not circumcised, with markings on the nominal size. The main production of copper plates is conducted without etching of surfaces, but at the request of the customer can issue plates with pickling and mechanical surface treatment.
Used copper plate widely: in the oil and heavy engineering, shipbuilding, chemical industry. From it are made products and small parts for the food industry, various designs mold, electrical etc.

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