Superfine copper powder is clearly a very real copper dust. Copper is thus not ultrapure. Most often, the content of the metal powder in the order of 99.9%, the remainder of the powder comprise impurities other metals -. Iron, lead, tin, etc. In order to finely divided copper powder PMVD not oxidized, losing its properties, it is supplied in bottles of different capacities. Most often it is glass bottles of 2.5 kg. When wholesale purchases bottles stacked in boxes of 20 pieces. The box thus contains 50 kilograms. A powder superfine copper PMVD spray. For this purpose, in a plant in special pots produced injecting a fine spray of molten copper. Going at high speed, it faces a transverse cooling jet. This can be water, steam or any gas acceptable. The gas stream at the same time should not be a large amount of active oxygen, otherwise the copper is oxidized, acquiring a green shade. Flour copper superfine PMVD has a color from light to dark brown. It used it for the most part in metallurgy, electrical engineering and chemical industries. Also it can be used to make certain types of paints and certain types of building materials. Supplied us superfine copper powder is of high quality. In its structure there are no foreign bodies or lumps - it would show a lack of quality.

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