Copper profile - is the material, the initial semi-finished product from which subsequently produce finished products, components, assemblies, which must be technologically presence of copper parts.
Copper is classified as non-ferrous metals, has a corrosion resistant, high thermal and electrical conductivity. This material is environmentally friendly and safe for humans, relatively strong, ductile and easy to process. These qualities allow wide use of copper in various industries.
All kinds of profiles obtained by rolling copper rod rolling mills in two ways -private hire and drawing. Produced so the copper profile, called, respectively, extruded and drawn. Drawn profiles are cold-rolled and hot-rolled. In their production, as the feedstock used by such brands copper: M1, M1r, M2, M2P, M3, and M3R M1f with a chemical composition corresponding to GOST 859.
All varieties of the profile are made with different boundaries and tolerances are elevated, high and normal accuracy. The geometric cross-section profiles of diverse, it all depends on the customer, but is limited by the technical conditions and the possibility of rolling mills. Mainly produced copper profile section of a corner, brands, I-beams, channels, beams, rails and other.
The length depends on the cutting product ordering conditions and may be from one to six meters. There are "continuous" products. Continuous copper profile produced with a small size and cross-section are supplied in coils for easy transportation.
Profile on the appointment and on the quality of the copper can be:
- For the production of electric motors M1 brand;
- Electro-profile brand PPE;
- Collecting stamps RMB;
- Pin MLF brand profile for use in contact devices.
Excellent electrical conductivity of copper, abrasion resistance, durability, ability to resist hostile environments. These and many other qualities allow wide use of copper profiles in the energy, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and construction.

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