Copper rod is produced under the current GOST 1535 copper grades according to GOST 859 (M1, M1p, M2, M2p, M3, M3p). Circle made of copper is used in electrical M1E and the rest of the brand bar more frequently used in the engineering and metalworking industries.
The material has good ductility and resistance to aggressive environments, copper rod can be easily processed by drilling, milling and punching. This kind of rolled metal products produced using cold and hot deformation technologies. Production of cold - drawn rods is that produced solid (the T), semi-solid (R) and soft (M). There are also very solid and enhanced plasticity of copper rods. Hot metal is produced by pressing, marked with the letter D, with properties similar to a mild cold-rental. Available copper rod of different cross section and precision manufacturing: diameters from 20 to 180 mm - a method of pressing, and diameters from 3 mm to 50 mm - by cold deformation. In cross-section: round (CR), square (HF) and Allen (SH). Po manufacturing accuracy: normal (N), elevated (P) and high (B). Also produced rod to be processed in the machines marked AB. This hire should meet the following requirements: -on the surface should not be a different kind of contaminationsł deformations (cracks, delaminations); allowed dents, bullies, and other defects, with the removal of which will correspond to the diameter of the rod permitted deviations according to GOST; -copper rod may have tint color, solid and semi-solid marks, tolerance of technical grease;
-to not depending on the grade rod on it should not be present non-metallic inclusions; - allowed deviation from the cross-sectional shape within the GOST - 1535. Copper rod is transported in the bays and beams.

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