Roofing made of copper a reliable and environmentally friendly by applying more than one hundred years, has now become even better and moved into the category of the prestigious roofing material. And it kind of (color, texture) and versions of the forms (sheets, copper roll, tiles) provide for roofing masters and developers a wide field for various design decisions. Especially popular now enjoys among consumers copper roll. This type of packaging has undeniable advantages over copper sheets. Actually, it is easy to install (on the bay width of 60, 67, 70 and 80 cm, according to the calculations roofers, cut required length to cover), this type of assembly minimizes the amount of waste. And this is very important, taking into account the cost of this type of roof. Coils are available in rolls weighing up to three hundred kilograms. The thickness of the copper sheet can range from 0,55-0,60 mm to 1 mm. Copper roll is supplied on pallets (or boxes). Each bay is further wrapped in plastic packaging film and is attached to a wooden pallet with a metal strap. This method of packing ensures safe transport of the material to the place of the future installation. Already at the construction site before installation, roofers copper roll is cut to the desired length and rolled on Fold the machine. While rolling on the machine, metal edge of getting a certain shape, which allows you to fasten two identical sheets to each other and to prekrepit crate. The resulting copper sheet is attached to the crate fasteners - klyaymerami. In our time, it is widely used mobile klyaymery that allows escape from the strain of roofing sheets during their heating sunlight (klyaymery attached to the sheathing with copper nails). After the sheets are joined together by special crimp tool (machine).

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