Among other non-ferrous metal copper metal is the most popular to date. This can be explained by the wide scope of application of copper and copper alloys because of advantages they possess. Today, at least quite difficult to find a single device or a device in which there was not at least one copper parts. Copper metal is actively used in electronics, electrical, automotive, aircraft, machine tools, instrumentation, defense industry and in many other areas. It is an indispensable material in the manufacture of all kinds of electronics, plumbing, heating equipment, air conditioning, ventilation, water, gas, etc.
Conventionally, copper metal can be divided into these types of products such as copper sheet, copper pipes, bars, wire, profiles and other products made of copper. From copper rod made various parts for appliances: nuts, bolts, bushings, pins, etc. Copper wire is used for the production of specialty wire ropes, as well as a variety of cables. Copper sheets are very good as a roofing material.
Also worth mentioning is made of copper solders, which represent a material used for welding of various metals and their alloys, such as steel or stainless steel. Sometimes copper solders replaced silver in the process of repair of jewelry, as well as refrigerators and geysers. Copper solders differ among themselves, his composition. Depending on the alloy of the doping component, which may be phosphorus, nickel or zinc, and emit corresponding solder: copper-phosphorous, nickel-copper and copper-zinc solder. They come in different form of wire, bars, rods, strips, etc.
Another type of semi-finished copper - copper ingots, which is an intermediate / raw material for further production of various products of the copper in the mechanical engineering, metal-working industry. From it smelt parts of electric motors, transformers, various copper profiles, fasteners and so on.
Copper metal represents a material which is easy to any manipulation with them, for example, grinding, stamping, drilling, cutting, stamping welding. And it lends itself to recycling.

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