Always copper sheet was quite popular material in the production. Popularity is explained simply. It possesses anticorrosive properties, has good strength, ductility, and is harmless in human use. Copper sheet according to GOST 495-92 of the brands manufactured M1 copper M1r, M2, M2P, M3, M3R according to GOST 859. Basically, the market is represented by mark M1, the copper content of which is not less than 99.9%. According to the method of rolled copper sheet is hot-rolled and cold-rolled. The cold-rolled sheets can be produced in a soft, semi-solid and solid state. Furthermore, the material is classified by the degree of dimensional accuracy: normal sheet width and length, sheets of high accuracy of width and length, sheets of high accuracy to the width and length of high accuracy. Copper sheets, cold rolled produced width 600-1000 mm, length 1500-2000 mm. Sheets of hot rolling can to a width of 3000 mm and a length of 6000 mm. Cold-rolled sheet thickness ranges from 0.4 mm to 12.0 mm, hot rolled from 3.0 mm to 25.0 mm. Where is the copper sheet is used? Often the product is used to make roofing, general construction works. This is due to the possibility of manufacturing a roof of any shape and durability of its service. Plus, copper does not require further processing and painting. Also, the copper sheet in demand in the food industry. The most striking example can be considered a manufacturer of kitchen utensils from it. Copper sheets are used in instrument making and mechanical engineering. Order copper sheet, you can apply through our website.

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