One of the most durable and reliable construction materials for roofing is copper sheet roofing. It has qualities such as strength, ductility, resistance to corrosion. All properties are maintained regardless of the temperature conditions and the weather. Thanks to the flexibility and ease of processing of the copper sheet is widely used for the manufacture of roofs, domes, towers. Corrosive processes occurring on the copper surface, tend to fade over time. Gradually, there is an oxide film that protects the metal from the environment. Over time, the sheet metal roofing copper changes color from red (its natural original color) turns dark brown and then green. It looks such a roof is very nice, but the color change process takes several years. In industrial conditions to achieve the desired color of the oxide film can be much faster. Apart from the standard classical, oxidized and patinated (emerald green) copper roofing, manufacturers offer a bronze-colored, gold, tin and so on. This is achieved by alloying of copper with aluminum, silicon, nickel and other metals. It is made of sheet copper High quality metal containing a minimum amount of impurities. This category includes marks M1, M2, M2P, and others. Production is carried out by hot and cold rolled products (products are marked with the letters D and E). The resulting copper roof may have a smooth surface or a beautiful structured pattern. Manufacturers made normal sheets length and width having increased dimensions in length and width dimensions are increased in width or in length only. in turn, is measuring length or a multiple dimensional. Rollers cold sheet thickness ranges from 0.4 to 12 mm, hot from 0.3 to 25 mm. The choice of parameters depends on the purpose for which will be used roofing sheet copper and depends entirely on the wishes of the customer. Copper roofing, manufactured in compliance with all rules and regulations, will never require maintenance, the service life is at least 100 years.

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