Among all currently existing materials for roofing is to provide one that can rightly be considered the most durable - a copper roof. Due to physical and chemical properties of the metal material is characterized by the many advantages, including good flexibility, water resistance, environmental friendliness, beautiful aesthetic appearance, as well as the ease and convenience during installation. Besides the traditional red and yellow copper-colored copper roofing can have different shades due to its characteristic patina that forms over time. However, the use of modern technology possible to accelerate the process, so you can immediately get a patinated copper. This made it possible to embody any, even the most original and exclusive architectural solutions. This material is used to cover roofs and facades of different residential and non-residential buildings, historic buildings, religious temples, etc. Today copper roof TECU production of German concern KME is one of the most popular on the market of copper roofing. It meets European quality standards and is allocated a number of advantages, such as resistance to corrosion, temperature extremes, durability, fire resistance, and many others. In addition, copper TECU roof may be subjected to complete processing on the expiration of its service life, and therefore is environmentally friendly. Copper roofing can create true harmony in the architecture of any structure thanks to the variety of colors that offer manufacturers. Copper roofing TECU produced as sheets, strips or roof panels which are secured thanks to special folds. If necessary, a roof repair material should not require replacement as easily weldable. Today copper roof TECU - an indicator of prestige and status in society. This brand has the best price-quality ratio in the market of roofing products.

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