With all the variety of modern materials, copper folded roof has a special place. As, in fact, a type of metal roofing, it combines the priorities of modern manufacturing processes and unique properties of metal which is copper.
Unlike other materials, the time for which the destructive, copper with age becomes only stronger and more invulnerable. By changing its color from golden-red to brown, with time it becomes green and covered with noble patina. This makes it resistant to corrosion. The service life of the copper roof is 100-150 years, and the history of known copper coating to stand for at least three centuries, without losing the high protective properties.
The strength of such a roof lends itself method of joining sheets. Thanks rebate - a special kind of joints, roofing copper sheet is securely fastened to each other, ensuring the integrity and durability of the coating.
A number of exceptional features that distinguish copper standing seam roofing, making it one of the most reliable and technologically advanced roofing materials:

  • The extraordinary lightness of copper sheet is much easier installation procedure.
  • to adverse natural factors of stability makes it advisable to use in areas with unstable and rainy climate.
  • ductility material of construction of the folded roof mount attaches copper durability and stability.
  • Stability to high and low temperature regimes surrounding environment, which is different copper standing seam roofing, allows you to use it as in the northern regions and in the south.
  • The material is characterized by high fire safety.
  • Due to the fastening seam, the roof has an excellent tightness.
  • Environmentally friendly and bacterial resistance of copper will save your roof from fungus and other biological invaders.
  • Large architectural variability.
    By choosing this material, you will not only emphasize their high social status, but also to invest in a strong, time-tested coating that will reliably protect your home from the elements.

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