Copper sheet - a traditional building material, which is used in the repair and construction for decades. Due to their resistance to environmental influences, copper has good corrosion resistance.
For the production of copper sheets used raw materials of different brands: M0, M1, M2, M3 and several others. The number in the mark indicates the purity. For example, copper mark M0 must contain copper not less than 99.99%, and a mark M4 - 99%. Harmful impurities in the copper are considered to lead and bismuth - copper they make fragile, it loses elasticity, can crumble. The most applicable are trademarks of M1 or M0. Given that M0 a rare stamp, the copper sheet M1 - the best option to use.
Copper sheet itself is plastic, lightweight, environmentally friendly material which is easy to work and therefore can be used in different areas:
- For the construction of various building structures (eg, facade work);
- In the production of HVAC equipment;
- For the manufacture of conductors;
- As a roofing material.
It produces copper sheet in different ways, which determines its durability, appearance and brand. The main methods of manufacturing copper sheet: cold and hot. Ready material may have two degrees of strength: normal and high.
Unlike other building materials, copper sheet not need to be painted or otherwise treated. It can be easy to mount, for example, put on the roof, fix and leave for a certain number of years. For the first few years of copper will change its color from fiery red to dark brown, almost black. After that, it will begin to acquire a greenish patina as a surface veil (patina, formed by the oxidation of copper), which will be protected from the effects of the environment.

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