Types of surfaces of copper roofing:

  • classic copper roof - performed smoothly in Catania brilliant classical performance;
  • oxidized roof - dark brown copper, artificially aged, which later continued under the influence of environmental change color;
  • roof patinated copper - malachite color, also artificially made old;
  • tinned copper for roof tiles - obtained tinning process, gray - matt finish.
    A copper plate as the material for the roof, resistant to alkalis and acids. Formed patina on the surface layer prevents the penetration of oxygen and other substances on the surface, which doubles its service life. Copper shingles on the service life of 150 years is enough durable roof.
    Copper roof is divided into several types.
    Seam roof - the guarantor of the complete absence of leaks. By rationality is the easiest installation method. The thickness of the sheets of 0.6 to 0.8 mm and high quality. The sheets are connected by a special technology-folds of seams, is a single or double bend in the field of tile compound. Pfalz double bend provides a more reliable fastening of the roof. Mounted copper tiles only whole crate to increase the service life as a whole.
    Copper shingles - manufactured by pressing the sheets of copper, betraying her texture tiles. Mounted on a solid crate overlapping the next sheet and attached with screws to the roof. Overlap width 250 mm length of the profile. The advantage is the easy replacement of parts of the roof during repairs.
    Copper sword - a type of tile with the elements in the form of a diamond-shaped or square shapes. Such a sword or scales often cover domes of Orthodox churches and temples. Checkers are bonded by a special system of locks, reflux in the upper part of the lock member and the lower straight portion, which is tightly fastened when installing. Copper tile, with such a mounting, completely eliminates leakage.
    Copper gutters - are an integral part of the roof to drain water during rain and melting snow. It consists of gutter pipes, angles, funnels, clamps, connectors and headers. All elements are connected to each other by a mechanical method or adhesions.
    Brass spotlights - panel for filing space under the roof, often with partial perforation, so copper shingles has a finished appearance.

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