Rod copper square copper square, has been widely used in various fields of national economy. It is used as a blank for fabricating the different parts and as a structural material. It is made of copper copper box brand: M1, M2, M3, M1R, M2P, M3R, in accordance with GOST 1535. The chemical composition of copper GOST 859.
Classification of copper rod are subject to:
1) production method. -Medny Rod can be: T - Hot (pressed), D - cold-(drawn).
2) The state of the material. M - soft, T - firm, L - semi-hard.
3) Accuracy of manufacturing. N - normal, P - increased.
4) length: MD - Copper long, ND - Random length and KM - dimensional fold.
Thanks to its technological and operational properties, copper square is used in many industries and areas of the economy. Copper Square is used for the manufacture of HVAC equipment parts, decorative elements, valves, typographic stamps, and more.
Due to its manufacturing quality copper square in high demand, it has a number of advantages and features:
- Workability;
-Excellent anti-corrosion properties;
-plastichnost material;
-High electrical conductivity.
Buy Copper Square you can have, it is possible to supply all sizes: side from 5 to 41 mm (1 mm steps).

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