Copper strip is a solid profile with a rectangular cross section, the characteristics of which correspond to GOST 495 and produced from copper grades M1, M2, M3 with a chemical composition according to GOST 859. Electrical copper strip is produced according to TU.
It produces copper strip hot-rolled or cold-ways. High-quality metal GOST has a flat smooth surface, hem edge and expressed no burrs. Depending on the method of processing a copper strip of copper is hard and soft. Copper strip has good mechanical, corrosion resistance, high electric conductivity.
Copper in the form is widely used as a conductive material in electrical engineering, for the manufacture of parts in machinery, as the material for the roof, it released from wind instruments, it is used for production of various decorative products. This demand is due to the practicality of the material: thermal stability, oxygen barrier, low linear expansion during mechanical and thermal processing, ease of mechanical working.
Mostly used in industrial copper semi-solid strip with normal manufacturing accuracy of width and thickness. Delivery is carried out in intervals dimensional, multiple-dimensional, random length and coves. We have supplied strip of different thickness, length 500-2000 mm, the multiplicity of measured length - 500 mm. The band random length thickness of 0.4-2.0 mm is available in coils.

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