Copper tubing is widely used for the installation of water supply systems, heating, air conditioning. Their high popularity and deserved recognition is due to long service life, which is guaranteed by the supplier. Annealed copper tube provides a simple workflow assembly and installation of different systems, saving labor costs and saving time. Make unannealed copper pipes in accordance with the requirements of GOST 617 brands of copper M1, M2, M3, M1r, M2P, M3R. The standard specifies the form and condition of pipe manufacturing accuracy. Produced unannealed copper tube outer diameter of 3 to 360 mm in a 2.5 meter straight lengths or in coils 25 and 50 meters. Produces two types of copper pipes - unannealed (solid) and annealed (soft). Applicable copper pipe annealed to create risers and long highways and annealed tube for complex communications with a large number of bends and branches. Annealed copper pipe has the following specifications: the maximum operating temperature - 250 degrees, the maximum system pressure - 200 atmospheres, has a low coefficient of linear expansion, a tensile strength of 280-300 MPa.
By way of production of annealed copper pipe is drawn, cold-rolled and compressed. When mechanical action (pressing, rolling) copper pipe partially loses plasticity, but it becomes harder and stronger. Unlimited lifetime makes copper tube ideal material for hydraulic systems, actuators, heat pumps, air-conditioners. Also our guest, annealed copper pipe is regulated by the international standard EN 1057, it meets domestic standards.

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