Manufacturing designs and products made of copper often requires welding. Such work can be made in different ways using wires and electrodes. The technical properties of seams and joints are presented fairly high expectations. They should as much as possible match the properties of the connected parts. Preferably the welding process in which welding is used a copper wire.
Copper filler wire is used for welding work in the manufacture of a copper and alloys containing copper. Also, the copper wire is used for welding weld bronzes Cu-Sn, Cu-Si. In this regard, and is used for various kinds of wire. Depending on the type and composition of the impurities of copper, it may have different characteristics. The production rate of copper wire installed in ISO 16130. It specifies the particular production, product specifications, allowed the chemical composition, particularly transport, control, storage. Copper welding wire is the most popular in the manufacture of microelectronic products with silicon crystals. It can also be used for operations that require weld cast iron and steel or produce welding on low-alloyed or not alloyed steel. Often used copper welding wire for welding galvanized parts in the automotive industry. In particularly critical pipelines are put out of aluminum bronze pipe, which are highly resistant to corrosion. At these sites for joining pipes by welding is also often used copper wire welding. Also with the help of a wire make repair of plain bearings, guides, propellers. Copper wire for welding of high quality homogeneous, with a shiny surface, clean and dry. It must be free from defects in the form of bundles, sinks, cracks. Packaging wire produced in cardboard containers in the form of skeins or on a special reel.

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