Copper wire for electrical marking MM available in a soft state may have a different diameter. This material has the advantages of weight in comparison with other types of materials, which determine its great scope. It is characterized by excellent heat and electrical conductivity, ductility, and resistance to high temperature extremes and humidity. Copper wire electrical easy to use, since it is easy to cut and bend, and lends itself to any type of soldering and welding. Ease of use, durability and manufacturability of electrical copper wire allows it among the most optimal materials for use in the power industry, construction, machinery, textile and footwear industries, etc. From it are made different wires, cables, rivets, fuses, decorative elements, the transformers and more. Copper wire coils produced in electrical or coils of different diameters and lengths, and may have a circular or rectangular cross section depending on its scope. Very often, in the manufacture of this type of use of the wire coating of pure silver which gives other useful properties similar product. In particular, silver-copper wire, excepts for good conductivity, and has a glossy surface and ideally, which is especially important, is resistant to corrosion. Therefore, it is advantageously chosen for the manufacture of high-microwires, in the textile industry. Copper wire production carried out exclusively in accordance with the legislation of the GOST standards and technical requirements

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