Properties of copper wire can use it in many industries. This wire is resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. Due to the thermal conductivity of copper wire used in mechanical engineering, thanks to the flexibility - in telecommunications. The ability to conduct electricity allows its use in electrical appliances. There are two types of copper wire - MM (soft copper) and MT (solid copper). There is also a separate type of wire, which is used in the narrow direction - MS. This wire is used for the communication lines. Next, another wire is divided into several types, depending on the material. For example, there is a wire type IMB and MTB. Made wire, oxygen-free copper, which adds to the overall letter abbreviation B. Also wire distinguished by its softness. According to this criterion, it is divided in the PMM and PMT. We supply wires of different diameters and types. For example, the diameter of marks MM, MT and IMB MTB from 0.2 mm to 16 mm. Enamelled copper wires (MME and MTE) is made with a much smaller diameter, typically 0,125-2,8 mm. The copper wire used to make thin ropes, cables, different windings. Large diameter - in electrical, mechanical engineering. Fine copper wire is considered to be 2 mm or less. The production uses a different material for the manufacture of different types of wire. MM copper wire, for example, often made of copper M1. The reason for this is to use a wire MM in electrical appliances, cords, wires. We supply copper wire in the coil, the bay or on order in the correct winding. A thin wire is most often sold in coils. Larger diameters - in coils with specific weight. Copper wire has a significant advantage over steel and aluminum wires in its operational capacities.

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