Aluminum is used a variety of industries. At the present time, it is gaining more popularity use of aluminum in the decoration of apartments, houses. Decorative aluminum sheet used in the advertising industry, the food industry, in the furniture business. There are several types of decorative aluminum. Basic - anodized aluminum sheet and aluminum mirror. Anodizing - chemical process of creating an oxide film. Thanks to this film, you can use a decorative aluminum sheet in the decoration, as it lends itself to great painting, it looks bright and aesthetically pleasing. You can get aluminum painted in any color, suitable for the most different design. painted aluminum sheet in a similar way is long, it is very practical.
Among other types of decorative aluminum is not the last place is occupied by aluminum polished. It differs from the absence of starting material roughness. Another variation of the decorative material - the aluminum satin sheets. Processed by another technology, a decorative sheet of aluminum is often used in car design and kitchen furniture, thanks to a special appearance. Satin aluminum is very popular in the European auto industry, which is why in the high-quality material prices are high. His qualities of decorative aluminum sheet would make the necessary paint in the interior dilute palette. In our assortment you will find a sheet of aluminum color right for you. Decorative aluminum sheet with each passing day more and more in demand and popular.

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