Diammonium phosphate 18:46 (NH4) 2HPO4

The application of diammonium phosphate is used:
1) as a highly effective fertilizer (such as in the production of complex fertilizers, as well as their own in the form of solutions: the dressing, in greenhouse horticulture and floriculture);
2) as feed additives in the fattening of livestock;
3) as a top dressing of yeast production (feed, alcohol, baking, beer), medical biological products;
4) for antiseptic treatment of various materials;
5) impregnating fabrics, plywood and wood to impart them flame resistance;
6) for the preparation of solutions for fire retardant treatment of wooden structures of buildings (rafters, lathing of the roof), and other flammable materials;
7) in the manufacture of fire extinguishing powder.

More information and product specifications can be found in the Fertilizers Catalogue.

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