Sills made of aluminum rolformingom (a specific type of rental), flexible or pressing from sheet or roll materials. The cross section of these products is solid and is represented in two basic designs - a drip in or out. Ebb meet a number of specifications, can also partially meet the standards GOST 22233-2001, spreading on aluminum profiles. Typically, the thickness of the low tide does not exceed 3 mm, length - 6 m, width - 50 cm. They are made they are often the customer's drawings, which causes the lack of after mounting non-liquid residues. The materials are often ebbs system alloys aluminum-magnesium-silicon corresponding to GOST 4784-97. To protect the sills are covered by powder coating, paint layer, anodized. Characterized aluminum tide advantages: maintainability, workability, strength, durability, lightness, heat resistance, environmentally friendly, corrosion inertness, thermal stability. Low tide aluminum easy to maintain, is low noise. They are used in the aluminum window sills or balconies groups. They are necessary for protection against frost, rain, snow, construction joints and the lower portion of the window openings. Mounted low tides in conjunction with frames and glazing windows. Drips can be equipped with brackets. Mounting brackets are applicable for more reliable fastening of long tides. It toughens design reduces noise and increases durability. Delivered in bundles of aluminum sills. The surface is protected by a removable plastic film after installation. Presence of holes for the screws. The possibility of different markings.

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