This powder is produced by electrolysis, which is why it got its name. According to GOST 4960, there are several brands of this product: PM - stabilized powder; ICP - 1, PMS - PMS and A - B - stabilized powders; PMS - K - stabilized konopatochny; PMS - N - stabilized low dispersion. Mass fraction of copper in each of them should be not less than 99.5%. Controlled impurities: iron, lead, arsenic, antimony, oxygen, metal sulfates compound calcined residue obtained by treating with sulfuric acid. PM. Here the minimum possible impurities, it possesses the special properties of flowability over other brands. Up to 80% of PM, as well as electrolytic copper powder brand ICP - 1, must pass through a fine sieve with a mesh to 0045 K. At the same time there should be no seals, extraneous inclusions or lumps. electrolytic copper powder should have strict density for each grade, from 1.3 grams per cubic centimeter for ICP - A and to 2.7 for PMS - V. By agreement with the buyer values can be slightly modified. It comes electrolytic copper powder batches in barrels for 85 kg. The whole Party must be made one technological regulations, to have a single document on the quality, the average powder composed of the same brand. The document about quality should be registered: trademark, brand name product, batch number, net and gross weight, date of manufacture, test results. Copper powder for manufacturing powder metallurgy parts, and for some other purposes, for example in the automotive, aerospace, chemical, electrical industries. Also, electrolytic copper powder is used in instrument making, ceramic-metal and electro industry. Using this powder embedded contacts of electrical machines produce brushes, filters for purifying oils, bushings, rings, and many others.

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