What is the enameled copper wire? This enamelled copper wire coated in order to make the wire insulation and waterproofing. Made from electrical copper grades.
As a coating, the most commonly used specially developed coatings based on modified polyetherimide resin. These coatings have many valuable qualities such as good elasticity (coating does not peel off when bending wires), mechanical stability, excellent dielectric properties, resistance to high temperature resistance as well as resistance to transformer oils, and solvents. All these qualities make enamelled copper wire indispensable in various fields of electrical engineering. Enameled wire occurs in which polyamide resins are used as insulation. They serve as a cover layer applied over polyetherimide resins. This enameled wire becomes significantly more resistant to high temperatures, abrasion, resistant to various aggressive chemicals.
According to GOST, enameled wire must withstand temperatures up to two hundred forty degrees Celsius.
Industry produces enameled copper wire with a variety of diameters from six hundredths of a millimeter to two millimeters and a half or more. When this isolation, according to the standard should retain elasticity when winding the wire on a cylinder of 60 mm diameter (wire diameter 2.5 mm) and 100 mm (2,5 mm).
When transporting the copper enameled wire to be wound on the reel one segment.
The main area in which the enameled wire is used - Electrical Engineering, where enamelled copper wire is most often used in the form of windings on the coils (eg, transformers). As an independent conductor, enameled wire, almost never used.
By the material of which is made of copper wire, enamel, special requirements, since the presence of impurities sharply reduces the electrical conductivity. The species, which require high purity, oxygen-free copper is used the increased purity.

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