BITimpex Anstalt LTD

Partners trust, consumers recognition!


Company BITimpex Anstalt LTD was founded in 2006 and combines the tradition and spirit of leadership and innovation. BITimpex Anstalt LTD is a young and ambitious company, rushed headlong into the lives of farmers and in the short term confidence to win back his own place in the market, earning a reputation as a reliable business partner.

Today BITimpex Anstalt LTD is the company, known and respected not only regular customers, but also simple farmers around the world. Continued growth in the company, despite the economic crisis and the plight of modern agriculture, says that BITimpex Anstalt LTD is reliable and stable partner for the agricultural companies of our country. The constant increase in the customer base, increase the number of branches and representative offices and, of course, the increasing rates of sales - demonstrate a strong position in the market. However, such rapid development of bright performance and strong position of the company - only a consequence of deliberate policy of the companys management.

We offer farmers the sale of high-quality crop protection products and fertilizers. All our customers know that the companys specialists BITimpex Anstalt LTD you can always get more advice and support. We always guarantee our customers not only high quality products but also favorable transaction terms, timely delivery. Over the years, our company has managed not only to go ahead and win horizons under the leadership of visionary and motivated individuals, but also form a team of true professionals. Upscale employees with high qualifications, extensive theoretical and practical skills, always able to solve any of our clients arising from the issue or problem. A partnership ventures with leading world and European manufacturers of plant protection products and fertilizers, allows us to fully ensure the quality of any products, even the most demanding customer. List of our partner companies is unusually wide.

For several years, the company BITimpex Anstalt LTD represented by qualified staff and visionary leadership, successfully gaining strong positions in the market of chemical fertilizers. During this short time we have found a good and loyal friends in the face of our customers, reliable allies in the face of our regular partners and more than once experienced the pride and pleasure of looking at the productive fields sown or treated with our products. We believe this is a magnificent and extremely successful beginning of prosperity of our company in the future we hope to maintain and enhance existing solutions as well as to grow and develop together with you!

Company Bitimpex Anstalt LTD cooperates with such independent surveyors as Intertek, SGS, Cotecna, UKAS. Company also has certificates of laboratory tests by independent surveyor SGS and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.



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