Food A5Ms aluminum sheet / A5 is widely used in industrial fields, since it has advantages over other similar materials and secreted high wear resistance, is resistant to corrosion and has a small weight and has a number of additional advantages. For use in the food industry, food ideal aluminum, which does not change shape when heated or frozen and has a warranty period of use for over 80 years. In the market several products represented, which are classified based on:
aluminum sheet A5Ms food (soft);
aluminum sheet A5N food (cold-worked). Presented aluminum sheet food, A5 marking differs from other species by the method of production, strength and widely used engineering companies, construction and other areas of production. In the different production segments dominated by the use of appropriate characteristics of aluminum products, for example, for the manufacture of complex components and structures better suited soft aluminum food and to create rigid frames is better to use cold-rolled sheets. The flexibility and strength of aluminum materials ensures a high reliability of structures that must be made based on established norms and requirements. Depending on the labeling and physical properties of the materials can be purchased in the form of whole or cut sheets, rolls or in another form under the order, and use the services of marketing personnel in cutting and packaging.

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