In ancient times, the zinc often also called false silver. But in the age of technology, this metal took in life, perhaps a very significant place. Of particular importance for the application of anti-corrosion properties of zinc discharged. Ever since the discovery of iron held in the life of all peoples to this day the main place, in work and in everyday life. But the properties of iron are such that under the influence of natural factors, it "splits", and the main task for the debt of time (even today) the most "light" head solve the problem of extending the life of what has already been built or will be put into operation. Timely discovery of zinc as a chemical element is still virtually the main way to protect against corrosion. The development of the metallurgical industry not ignored zinc and as a result we have a galvanized sheet metal. Galvanized sheet produced by coating the surface of zinc in accordance with the process.

Galvanized sheet perhaps the only material that can be applied in virtually all areas of our lives. Galvanized coated (painted sheet) is another kind of galvanized sheet.
Haunted and thought to increase the service life of products. Over the years, the development of sheet steel has become an integral part of the production and life. With the development of the galvanized coating technology significantly increased the possibility of industry and manufacturing, and we see a significant improvement in the quality of life of modern man, which is not the last role played by galvanized steel sheet, galvanized sheet painted (coated).

Galvanized steel demand not only from the producers but also from individuals. Increased attention galvanized sheet deserved thanks to the high strength and durability, thanks to these properties, the demand is not reduced, but rather is constantly growing.

Application of sheet and rolled galvanized virtually limitless. Galvanized sheets are so widely used that it is difficult to imagine what material can replace galvanized steel. At home, on the street and at work we are surrounded by products from galvanized steel. Galvanized steel with polymer coating is a raw material for the production of corrugated board. Galvanized found use in beautification, as a raw material for many products. Machines, tools, doors, fences is not the whole list use galvanized sheet steel. The corrosion resistance of zinc galvanized rolled allowed to occupy a leading position in use.

Galvanized sheet and rolled coil manufactured according to GOST 14918-80 in width from 710 to 1800 mm. inclusive, a thickness of 0.3 mm. to 3 mm. and a length of 400 mm. up to 6000 mm.

More information and product specifications can be found in the Metal Catalogue.

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