In the industrial production of bronze is used for manufacturing the bronze rods, tubes, sheets, plates, wires, reinforcement of ingots, strips, bands. From bronze castings make complex configuration, for example, bronze art castings. Tin bronze is divided into the tin-zinc, tin-phosphorous and tin-zinc-lead. Due to the presence of anti-friction qualities of tin bronze is widely used in the manufacture of automotive parts and mechanisms, and due to its high chemical resistance make bronze pipes, rebar, wire, used in many industries. Of particular interest is beryllium bronze as a precipitation hardening alloy, it has high elasticity, hardness, corrosion resistance, heat resistance. Parts made from non-magnetic beryllium bronze, resistant under low-temperature regime, a different sort of shock load without spark issue.

Aluminum bronzes have good machinability and corrosion resistance. It is used primarily for bronze this critical small parts: bushings, gears, flanges. Bronze alloy with silicon is resistant to corrosion and high density in the castings. Chromium bronze has high recrystallization temperature, high heat resistance and electrical conductivity of this bronze parts are easy to process. Because it is made of chemical equipment parts, muffle furnaces and others. Bronze bands, sheets and strips are characterized by their uniformity and relaxation properties, they are indispensable for the purposes of electrical and telecommunications. In modern industry, the great demand for bronze rods, bronze plates, wire, brass hex, they are widely used in chemical, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering.

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