Aluminium hexagon is made according to the standards GOST 21488-97. Products are classified by the following parameters: accuracy (normal, increased, high), heat treatment (without the use of heat treatment, hardening, annealing), strength (normal, high). The main dimension is the nominal diameter of the inscribed circle, which varies from 8 to 200 mm. The rest of the geometric dimensions and tolerances is also regulated by GOST. Aluminum is used for manufacturing the main element with the content of 98.8% to 99.5%. aluminum alloys with aluminum percentage share is also used by 84.25% to 97 - 98%. The main technological manufacturing method - hot rolled on specialized mills. Then, if necessary, the rods are subjected to heat treatment. Example of possible symbols: bars D16.T.PP SHG50P ? 1000KD GOST 21488-97. Stands: D16 - used Alloy, T - hardened, naturally aged, PP - high strength, SH - hexagonal profile, 50 - the diameter of the inscribed circle, 1000KD - length that is a multiple of 1000 mm. Applying the stamp bars labeled at the outlet end (away from the end face must not be more than 50 mm) with the OTC company, brand or aluminum alloy, the type of heat treatment, a batch number. You can also be marked with paint or label. For storage covered by special anti-corrosion coatings. Supplied separate rods or beams for the price of 1 kg. Hexagonal aluminum because of its light weight, high corrosion resistance can be used to produce many products in almost all major areas of mechanical engineering.

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