BRaZH - bronze Tinless, which includes, in certain proportions - aluminum (8-10%), copper (84-90%), iron (4.2%) and 2% impurities - silicon, lead, zinc, magnesium and others. The alloy has excellent casting-technology, good sliding and mechanical properties. Scope BrAZH Alloy 9-4 - gears, bushings, valve seats. The alloy is easily processed and pressure are widely used in foundries.
Hexagonal bronze BRaZH 9-4, is produced in the form of bars with a cross section of a regular hexagon. Fabricated in accordance with GOST 1628 compression method. The advantage of products that are manufactured from this bronze - a relatively low cost of production and a long service life. BRaZH alloy rods with dimensions of 4.9 - 17, 19, 22, 24, 27, 32, 36, have been used in automatic lathes, for the production of nuts, bolts and bushings, etc. Standard 1628 specifies requirements for manufacturing Braze bronzes. 9-4, as agreed with the customer is allowed to change the chemical composition of the brand. The diameters of 16 -160 mm rods have a tensile strength of 55 kgf / mm2, elongation 15, Brinell hardness HB 110-180. The same Standard specifies the procedure for the acceptance and execution of a document on the quality, which shall include:
1. Trademark provider.
2. Test results (in accordance with the user).
3. Symbol bar.
4. Batch number.
5. The mass of the party.
Note: Weight of the party should not be more than 3000 kg.
Tests are carried out in accordance with GOST 6507, GOST 4381, GOST 7502, GOST 26877, GOST 2060, GOST 14019.
Hexagonal bronze BRaZH 9-4 bound in bundles no more than 80 kg each, but at the request of the customer can be linked to whip up to 500 kg. Each beam is attached a metal or plywood label in accordance with GOST 14192. On these labels apply abbreviated names, such as BRaZH9-4 - BZH.
Transport can transport all kinds, and storage is done indoors or under the eaves, which protect against rainfall, on the shelves, racks or trays.

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