Hexagon is a detail that is needed when dealing with fasteners and mechanisms, ie for construction purposes. It rolled steel, which has a hexagonal cross section. The diameter of the inscribed circle at the same time is eight hundred millimeters. 

Classification of hexagons. A hex may differ from each other in such parameters as: 1) the appointment of Allen (depending on the brand of the steel that goes into its production); 2) as intended, but depending on the percentage of nickel, copper  and  chromium  in  the  alloy); 3) chemical  composition  of  the  hexagon (hex or just high quality); 4) type post-processing hexagon (cold drawing processing pressure (hot) or cold machining type); 5) state of the material of the hexagon (cold-worked subjected to/not subjected to heat treatment); 6) by type of finish and the quality of the surface of the hexagon (calibrated, hot-forged); 7) accuracy rolling hexagon (normal or high accuracy); 8) the length of the hexagon (unmeasured, dimensional, multiple-dimensional) - from two to six meters. However, the buyer may demand to receive the rental length and a half to twelve meters.

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