GOST 19903-90, GOST 14637-89 in rolls or sheets
Using the steel sheet is widely used in more than one sector. Constantly growing demand affects producers who are trying to keep up with the market. A large proportion of objects around us is made of sheet metal. Hot-rolled steel sheet has found its application in mechanical engineering, architecture and significant role he still plays in the construction as a separate material. Frequent use of the hot-rolled sheet mix is regarded as an intermediate material.

Supply of hot-rolled steel sheet available in rolls and sheets. Sheet width depends on the manufacturer and thicker, but the basic (standard) dimensions is considered to be a thickness of 0.5 to 3,9mm.- 1250h2500mm., With a thickness of over-4,0mm. 1500h6000mm.

Steel sheet GC produced in accordance with GOST 19903-74, GOST 14637-89. The application rolled sheet steel must take into account the steel grade, which determines the chemical composition.

More information and product specifications can be found in the Metal Catalogue.

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