ICP-1 Copper powder is a powder, which acts as the basis of copper (mass fraction of about 99.5%). In a variety of industries use copper powder of various grades. Copper PCA-1 refers to a stable powder and is in great demand in many areas of production. Due to its unique technological properties, copper powder ICP-1 is indispensable in the following areas: - in powder metallurgy of it made by pressing different parts; - In instrument; - In the steel industry; - In the automotive industry (including the production of car tires), aircraft and the like; - In the chemical industry; - In lacquers. Make copper powder PMS-1 according to GOST 4960. There are two ways to produce this substance: mechanical, physical and chemical. The mechanical method does not affect the chemical composition of the material, so it is often used when you want to expose raw minor changes. When physical and chemical methods to obtain copper powder, electrolytic deposition technology is used. Processing exposed to different solutions, often copper sulfate, and the raw materials varies considerably at the chemical level. Sometimes, these two methods are used together. High-quality copper ICP-1 powder has no lumps and has a bulk density of 1.25 - 1.9 g / cm. To transport it uses special steel drums with a capacity of 50 dm3 with polyethylene insert and the lid tightly closed. Transportation can be covered by any kind of transport. Keep copper powder ICP-1 can be not more than six months from the date of manufacture, without opening the packaging, and avoiding oxidation.

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