Types of roofing materials produced by KME technology:
1. Classic - the classic copper product smooth rollers. It is the most popular material for sales statistics on copper products market.
2. Oxide - for both sides of this type are oxidized copper surface. The result is roofing copper KME, having a dark brown color. A special feature is that the color of the product is given in a natural way.
3. Patina - an exclusive product manufactured by KME technology. A layer of oxide (patina), which is produced in industrial conditions, the KME copper roofing, in their chemical qualities identical patina that forms on the metal in 20-25 years. Patina is applied to the metal only on one side.
4. Tin - both sides of the metal exposed solderability. This KME copper roofing has a matte-gray tone, able to blend in with many materials. As well as the product oxide over time changes its color to a darker.
5. Brass - Copper roof KME, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. Initially, the surface has a noble red-gold color, which changes over time to the classic dark green.
6. Brontse - a promising material, which is an alloy of copper and tin. A feature is the increased resistance to wear and corrosion. On sloping surfaces formed after the time characteristic of the standard copper patina. However, compared with the classic type of copper products KME copper roofing Brontse oxidizes much more slowly.
7. Gold - a material with a gold surface. It is an alloy of copper and aluminum. Like bronze has high mechanical durability. Initially KME copper roofing Brontse has a golden color, but under the influence of natural factors becomes more bright and matt, while preserving golden hue. A special feature is the fact that even under the influence of the time of its color metal does not change.

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