Cooper ingot M1 brand used in the production of rolled copper, current conductors, parts of cryogenic equipment, and more. The chemical composition of grades of copper GOST defined 859-2001. M1 comprises Copper at 99.95% of copper, 0.003% of oxygen; 0.002% phosphorus, plus other impurities. Permissible content of impurities in the material to 0.01%. The main property of the M1 copper - high conductivity, as the proportion of impurities is negligible. M1 Copper has a specific electrical resistance at 20 C equal to 0.01724 mO * m. Subject to appropriate quality copper M1 is characterized by good resistance to corrosion and temperature extremes, excellent ductility. At 20 C copper M1 has the following properties: - thermal conductivity - 387 W / (m

  • deg); - Density - 8940 kg / m3; - Specific heat capacity - 390 J / (kg
  • deg). Casting and technological characteristics of the material: casting temperature from 1150 C to 1250 C, melting point - 1083 C, while linear shrinkage of 2.1%. The hardness of hard and soft alloy according to GOST 1173-2006 is HB 10-1 = 45 MPa and HB 10-1 = 95 MPa, respectively. The coefficient of friction with lubrication is 0.011, no - 0.43. Subject to manufacturing technology copper M1 elongation ? is 30%. M1 corresponds Copper Cu-ETP1 marks, Cu-ETP, E Cu57, Cu-FRTP, SE-Cu, Cu-FRHC, E-Cu, E Cu58, produced according to different standards. CH ingots produced in (non-removed layer top surface) or CS (remote layer) horizontal casting. Pig should be smooth. Distortion along planes be within 0.8% of the length. The surface of the copper ingots must be clean, free of mechanical flaws and unnecessary inclusions, with rounded upper edges of at least 5 mm (possibly removal of the cutter).

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