Copper tape M1 - a semi-finished product in the form of rectangular strips with definite dimensions is manufactured from a suitable type of copper. M1 indicates the code that is used during its manufacture copper purity of at least 99.9%. Depending on the processing technology of the material M1 copper tape available in soft, semi-solid and solid states. Another important indicator is the dimensional accuracy - produce tape normal accuracy, enhanced and high.
Consider marking. The letters M, P and T indicate the status of the material - the film is soft, semi-solid or solid. The letters H, K, P, I, P, A, G, C, is used to refer manufacturing precision. For example, a copper tape with the letter H, has a normal thickness and width accuracy, and with A greater accuracy in thickness and a high width. Copper tape used in the manufacture of power capacitors and transformers is marked with KO.
Sold M1 copper tape wound in coils. Bay tapes are packaging allows to ensure the safety of the material. Winding paper wrapped and sealed in a wooden box filled with chips, the variant of the package in a synthetic material.
On receipt should control the quality and quantity of the goods. The quality of products is determined on the surface of the eye. The surface must not be dirty and have mechanical damage. The edge should be smooth, without burrs and chips. Keep the product in a dry environment, do not interact with the active chemistry.

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