Copper sheets rather successfully used in the construction, chemical and electrical industries. Copper has excellent corrosion resistance and also has excellent ductility. In addition, copper is quite durable and is combined with other materials because of its aesthetic appeal.
The production used more frequently following grades of copper: M1, M1R, M2, M2P, M3, M3R. All of them are regulated by GOST 859-2001. Stamps copper, which are used in the electrical industry are still in their labeling the letter E. The difference lies in the purity of the material:
- M1 - purity level of 99.90%;
- M2 - purity at 99.70%;
- M3 - purity at 99.50%.
The remaining percentage of impurities occupy: bismuth, arsenic, iron, nickel, oxygen, zinc, phosphorus, antimony, tin, sulfur, lead, and silver.
Standard dimensions of the copper sheets up 600h1500 millimeters, though, if you need another size, you can always order it from us.
By manufacturing technology copper sheets are fixed (T), semisolid (R) and soft (M). Besides copper sheets are separated and another manufacturing method - be it cold (R) sheets or hot (H) of the plate.
More Sheets specified by tolerance and precision:
- Sheet standard tolerance on length and width (L);
- An increased tolerance for length and width (M);
- An increased tolerance for the width (K);
- An increased tolerance of the length (I).

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