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Company BITimpex Anstalt LTD, was founded in 2006 merged the traditions, spirit of leadership and innovations. Company BITimpex Anstalt LTD is rapidly growing steel producer. Steel is used throughout our production from serial houses up to the most complex structures. Our products are used in the construction of stadiums, modern terminals at airports and certified in accordance with the national standards of Ukraine and sold in more than 20 countries. Exceptional quality and strength properties of our rolled metal products allow you to use it in all climatic zones of the world, including for the construction in seismic areas is particularly important the reliability of steel structures.

Our main goal is to win the trust of our customers. For us it means to deliver the highest quality products, to ensure the highest quality services, and above all, to listen and hear our customers. We constantly improve production processes and quality control of the product, its packaging and transportation, building its own sales network in order to get closer to the end consumer.

Company BITimpex Anstalt LTD has large reserves of raw materials and an efficient distribution system. It has representative offices in Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates.

We highly value each customer and appreciate your choice of BITimpex Anstalt LTD products.

The Company produces the metal products according to the international and national standards:

DSTU 3760:2006 (Ukraine)
GOST 5781-82 (International standard)
GOST 10884-94 (International standard)
STO ASChM 7-93 (Russian Federation)
GOST 52544-2006 (Russian Federation)
STB 1704-2006, 1704-2012 (Belarus)
TU U 27.1-23365425-652:2010
DIN 488 (Germany)

BS 4449:1997 (Great Britain)
BS 4449:2005 (Great Britain)
ASTM A615, ASTM A706 (USA)
STAS 438/1 (Romania)
SI 4466 (Israel)
NT 26.05 (Tunisia)
CAN/CSA-G30.18-M92 (Canada)
ISO 6935 2:2007

Company Bitimpex Anstalt LTD cooperates with such independent surveyors as Intertek, SGS, Cotecna, UKAS. Company also has certificates of laboratory tests by independent surveyor SGS and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.



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