Monopotassium phosphate (MKP)

KH2PO4 P2O5 C 52%, K2O C 33%

Monophosphate Potassium is widely used in agriculture as a concentrated watersoluble phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. Its effectiveness is achieved through high digestibility plants chemically pure nutrients. Fertilizing potassium monophosphate increase productivity and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables due to better accumulation of sugars and vitamins, improve their storability and sugar content. When using potassium monophosphate in decorative plant accelerated the onset and prolonged blooming flower plants, its use contributes to a better ripening of shoots and overwintering ornamental trees and shrubs. The greenhouse vegetable fertilizer is used in the preparation of nutrient solutions, especially with irrigation water, characterized by a high concentration of salts, as well as for foliar application.

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