Mutton (lamb) meat

Mutton (lamb) meat State Standard 52843-2007

Young mutton, lamb-meat of all breeds of sheep (except fat-tailed Romanov sheep) from 22 kg;
Young mutton, lamb-meat of fat-tailed breed from 24 kg;
Young mutton, lamb-meat of Romanov breed from 18 kg.

Depending on the weight of mutton, lamb carcasses from young sheep are divided into grades:
Extra First Second Third

According to the thermal condition of mutton, lamb, it is divided into:
Hot Fresh Chilled Subfrozen Frozen

Lamb is produced in carcasses with tails intact, with separated joints carpal and tarsal, with unseparated kidneys and perirenal fat.


Merchandising marking carcasses is carried out only there is the mark or stamp of the state veterinary service according to the classification.

Carcasses marks by fatness and weight:
Lamb of the first grade - a round stamp with a diameter of 40 mm;
Lamb of the second grade C a square stamp with sides 40 mm;
The front shank of young lamb - stamp numbers, height 20 mm, appropriate classes: Extra - the first - 1, the second - 2, the third - 3;
Lamb, does not meet the requirements, a triangular stamp size 45-50-50 mm sides;

Carcasses marks by age:
From young lamb - stamp the letter M, 20 mm in height (to the right of the mark);
Lamb - round stamp with a designation in the letter ?;

Transport marking packed carcasses - with the application of manipulation signs "Perishable cargo", "Temperature limitation".
Packing, acceptance, transportation and storage. Lamb is produced in bulk and packing.

The document certifying the quality, indicate:
ID number and date of issue;
The manufacturers name and location (legal address, including country, and, if not coincide with the legal address, production);
Name of product;
Thermal condition;
The date of manufacture;
The batch number;
Shelf life;
Storage conditions;
The results of the monitoring;
The designation of this standard;
Information on conformity assessment.

The order and frequency control of microbiological indicators, radionuclides, phosphorus, aflatoxins, pesticide, antibiotics, mercury, arsenic, zinc, cadmium, calcium, lead sets by producer, according to the state standards for this type of product.

Transportation of mutton, lamb is carried out all means of transport in accordance with the rules of transportation of perishable goods, operating in this type of transport.

More information and product specifications can be found in the Agriculture Catalogue.

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