Successfully working in the metal market for many years, our company can offer its customers different products. Metal and its products are always in demand. Steady demand in the market rental uses of nickel. Sheets, strips, tape, wire and foil of nickel have been successfully applied in modern conditions of various industries. There was an exception nickel rods according to GOST 13083, which is used in many industries.

More often nickel is used in a special rod and electrical vacuum engineering. Qualitative nickel rod made of pure nickel grades H1, H2, of the semi-finished nickel NP2 and NP3 and nickel alloy and silicon NK 0.2. Also rods made from different alloys using a nickel base metals and other impurities, which is economically more advantageous than the use of other materials.

Hot-rolled or drawn round bars Nickel made strictly in accordance with GOST 13083. The nickel rod is dimensional and random length. Pulled random length rods have a half to four meters, while rolled bars have different lengths - of up to three meters, which depends on the diameter of the rods nickel. Thin Drawn bars are usually supplied in coils. Dimensions nickel rods may be issued to the customer the desired size, and if so agreed. Nickel rods made of cold or hot-ways and have a circular cross section. Nickel rods may have a soft or solid state and normal, enhanced or high precision manufacturing.

When viewed from the surface of the nickel rod should be smooth and clean, free of cracks, voids, foreign inclusions, bundles. Minor surface defects, browning and minor deviations in diameter, that do not affect product quality, it is quite acceptable. Deliver nickel rod parties with the accompanying documents, which indicate the nickel grade, precision, a method for manufacturing the rods, the size of the rods, the number of delivered party.

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