In everyday life, when we buy, such as margarine, we do not even guess that its production is necessary to conduct hydrogenation. Upon chemical definition, hydrogenation occurs when organic compounds are added to hydrogen. In this process, various chemical components, but the most important are the catalysts can be used. In industrial production using them are made different fuels for engines, paraffins, alcohols and other products. In the metallurgical industry nickel catalyst, and any kinds can be used in the hydrogenation process low phase and hydrogenation, which occurs in the gas industry.

There are different types of this product, but the most popular is the nickel catalyst U-NI-B and U-NI-A, as it has many advantages. Firstly, these catalysts are used in industrial production in the manufacture of benzene rings, oximes, carbonyl groups, nitriles, and other important components. nickel catalyst and can operate under normal and under high pressure, which is not typical of other catalysts. Secondly, the nickel catalyst is very easy and fast to manufacture. For other catalysts, the manufacturing process is very complex and time consuming. Reagents for its manufacture are commercially available. It is surprising that the process of cooking is so simple that it can prepare almost any person without special education. Third, you do not need a lot of money as a nickel catalyst can be manufactured from inexpensive reagents. Fourth, nickel catalyst maintains its activity for a long time. But in this case it should be stored in a special solvent in which no oxygen.

Nickel itself is a pretty scarce commodity, because it is very popular in the steel industry. This metal has many advantages, since it is not afraid of no protection. Whether it is gas, fresh water or sea water, different chemical solutions. This nickel is almost never goes bad, since he also is not afraid to corrosion.

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