For many years successfully working in the non-ferrous metals market, our company offers its customers a nickel cathode of different brands. Due to its ductility, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance to the nickel used in many industries. Very popular as a raw material Nickel cathode uses in engineering and medicine. Nickel cathode - is the cathode sheets are universally feedstock uses modern industry. Main characteristics such valuable for industry, primarily dependent on the inclusion of impurities that exist in the nickel. If there is an impurity in an excessive amount of sulfur, the material becomes too fragile, it is simply unacceptable. That is why there is a standard that must be met by a nickel. Nickel and cobalt included in the nickel cathode H-2 in an amount of not less than 99.8 percent. Transporting Nickel cathode can be any kind of transport. Short-term it can be stored even in the open air. For long-term storage is necessary to put a nickel cathode in the enclosed space. It is necessary to products purchased for long-term storage is required to mark-resistant paints. On the marking label specified batch number, product brand, Mass. Nickel cathode N-2 can be supplied in the form of trim edges of the sheets of the brand H-1. According to GOST 849-97, admitted in a certain number of defects. Our company provides its clients with high-quality products with a full package of necessary documents. We will promptly carry out the shipment of the goods and issue documentation. In addition, we are always ready to make changes in the parameters of the product according to your wishes, if it allows its guests. Buying Nickel Cathode N-2 in our company, the customer can qualify for an individual approach, flexible system of discounts, pleasant service by qualified specialists, timely shipment of goods.

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