Depending on the set of chemical elements nickel raw materials supplied several grades: nickel cathode H-1, H-1y, H-2, H-3, H-4, H-0.
The sign "-" means that the guest is not stipulated, this impurity. Nickel cathode H-1 is produced only by means of electrolysis. When ordering the material, the buyer can agree on the content of zinc. According to GOST 849-97, nickel H-1 can be made in the following forms: a plate, cathode sheets and strip. If necessary, it is possible to stipulate size plates and sheets. Nickel cathode be transported by vehicles of all kinds, thus it is necessary to take into account the rules of carriage of goods accepted for each type of vehicle. For a long time Nickel cathode N-1 can be stored only in the room closed. According to GOST 849-97, Nickel cathode N-1 in the plates must be complete, the bundle is not allowed. The surface of the sheets must not contain the build-up of salts. The cathode may be nickel nodules on the surface of the nickel is not more than 10 mm. This may deepen total of five pieces on a square area of 25 mm side. A common area with depressions should not exceed 20 percent. In each batch of nickel cathode may contain the maximum number of defects. The total weight of defective sheet by weight of the batch should not exceed five percent of the brand H-1. Our company offers high-quality nickel cathode H-1 and ensures a high level of service. Successful experience in the field of non-ferrous metals allows us to provide qualified support when choosing a product.

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