At constant non-ferrous metal market demand is the consumer nickel cathode H-1y. In every field of human activity, which require protective coatings with anti-corrosion properties, nickel is used. More often nickel steel surfaces, but common nickel products from other materials, as well as non-metallic surfaces: ceramic, glass, polymer. In addition to its amazing durability, nickel plated, shiny and smooth to the touch, it gives aesthetic pleasure during the entire period of operation. Due to the ease of processing nickel it is widely activated in the process of production of stainless steel, as well as in areas such as electronics, mechanical engineering. Manufactured nickel cathode H 1y electrolysis using as cathode plates. If necessary, a nickel cathode may be formed in accordance with the customer ordered size. The proportion of cobalt should not exceed 0.1 percent, wherein the total proportion of nickel and cobalt - more than 99.95 percent of the total weight. As shown in the table, a nickel cathode H 1y may contain allowable amount of impurities. The edges of the sheets of the cathode is required to cut off from all sides. Having agreed on this issue with the consumer, the manufacturer may cut a nickel cathode and only bovine spongiform dendritic edge. Thus trimmings H 1y cathode edges can be supplied to the consumer when prior approval of nickel in the form of H-2, H-3 and H-4. Nickel cathode sheet can have salts on the surface coating. It is also not allowed to bundle marks nickel plates H-1y. Nickel cathode with traces changes, paint, oil conveyor belt, discoloration is not defective.

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