Our organization has over the years offers on the market of non-ferrous metals nickel cathodes H-3 (cathode sheets). We pay attention to each customer and try to take an individual approach to your needs. We guarantee the timely execution of all necessary documentation and delivery strictly on time.

The cathodes of nickel are used in many areas of industry, in apparatus construction, mechanical engineering, medicine, etc. Electrical and This large nickel popularity is due to its unique properties.

H-nickel cathodes 3 are defined plate size. Nickel is also supplied by us in the form of ingots of 25 kg, pellets, strips. The size of the cathode sheets may be stipulated in advance, but it is only when a sufficiently large volume order.

The most undesirable impurity, impairing the properties of nickel, sulfur is considered. sulfur inclusions very dangerous for nickel-based products, because sulfur forms a sulfide film on the surface character. The film begins to melt at 645 degrees, resulting in an undesirable brittle sheets. If formed on the surface of the film, it may be cleaned with electrorefining. In this case, the sheet should be placed into the electrolyte and the anode connected to a circuit position. At the cathode in this procedure pure metal must be formed. Nickel cathodes can be delivered by any mode of transport. In addition, each package is required to be labeled in accordance with the standard. If you need nickel cathodes, please contact us.

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