Products made of nickel found their niche in various areas of modern industry. They particularly need electrical, chemical, textile industry and food industry. Nickel is used for the production of medical instruments; it is used in research practice. Nickel-plated plate is in the capacitors. In many industries, effectively used foil and nickel NP2 NVZv according to GOST 2170.
Since nickel foil is resistant to corrosion in water, salts of alkaline and neutral solutions, it covers the surface of other metals, which need protection. Nickel plated other metals makes the process of plating. When plating is used foil or nickel NP2 NVZv it together with the sheet metal is rolled in hot form. When rolling the joint metal diffusion occurs (the interpenetration of the molecules of one metal to another), and the result is protected from corrosion monolithic material. Damage to the surface of the steel foil, increases the reliability and durability of iron sheets, of which make great tanks, which transported and stored various chemicals.
Nickel foil has minimum magnetic properties. Excellent mechanical properties of thin foils allow you to do it from the larger number of precise details, which in turn reduces the amount of consumable material. The foil is characterized by high electrical and thermal conductivity. Without nickel foil and its products is complete, nuclear power, television equipment, radar equipment.
Nickel foil includes 99.2% nickel and small amounts of impurities. Foil nickel amenable to all types of cold forming, and from it you can do any form of semi-finished products by thermoforming.

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