Industry has been applied a number of different metals. Are no exception and nickel products including nickel foil. Pure nickel is very ductile and malleable, resistant to corrosion in water and in the air, which allows the use of products made of it as a protective coating.

The nickel foil is used in different spheres of human activity: in mechanical engineering, chemical industry, construction and medical industries as well as in those branches where needed materials that tolerate thermal stress: in turbine designs, engines, furnaces, combustion chambers, heat exchangers, various heating installations.

The nickel foil is used to charge the battery. The nickel foil as the membrane heating element can be used in photovoltaic systems, fuses, transformers and capacitors. From it makes special flexible flat cables, which are used in modern automotive engineering. Having high resistance and not oxidized at high temperatures, nickel foil is used as a heating element.

At normal temperatures, nickel foil resistant to distilled water and sea water, alkali, acids, and other organic substances.

A thin nickel foil enables the development of more efficient and compact products, and by saving resources allows to spare the environment. Nickel foil meets all the requirements and standards of many branches of the industrial industry, which allows to continuously expand the scope of application of the nickel foil.

When viewing the surface of the foil should be noted that it should be free of cracks and stratifications. The edges of the rolls should not have dents and dirt. Small injections, small scratches on the surface of the foil caused during transportation, it is quite acceptable. A slight darkening of the surface of the foil does not change its reflective properties.

Nickel foil comes in lots, each of which has a box packing list, specifying the brand and size of the foil, the batch number and the number of coils / sheets in a box.

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