Our company offers its customers high-quality granulated nickel grades H2, H3, H4. Our highly trained specialists working for a long time in the field of non-ferrous metals, perfectly oriented to the market situation and are ready to take an individual approach to each client's needs. Thanks to well-established system in our company by purchasing granulated nickel you spend minimal time on paperwork and shipment of goods. Here you see a flexible pricing policy and professional advice. If you get a granular nickel in our company, you can be sure in the efficiency of delivery and guaranteed quality products.

Nickel is used today in a variety of industries: mechanical engineering, medicine, electrical engineering.

Produced from granulated nickel oxide ore mine fuse. Pre ore is dried to a moisture content of 14-15 percent. The fuel used coke, flux is required marble and sulfur as raw materials in favor pyrite. Next, granulated slag and output. Cleaned gases output dust into the atmosphere. Fainshteyn with a nickel content of 78 percent is sent to the firing. His crush, grind, and then burn sulfur in a fluidized bed. Next, a mixture of potassium and sodium salt obtained is treated with calcine and gentle sulfuric acid leached copper. After the second firing sulfur calcine remains. nickel oxide, obtained in this process is sent to electrofusion, the result is a granular nickel.

In order to ensure product safety, nickel granular packed in fabric bags and then into nylon bags. On request, allowed to pack the granulated nickel in special containers of different sizes, if their regulations provide for the carriage of bulk and general cargo. Each party is provided with all the necessary documentation.

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