Filtering is the process, without which man cannot do. Filtering is necessary for water treatment, drug, drugs. It is also very important during the production process in the metallurgical, chemical and food industries. It is also very much needed in the mining industry, while oil production, construction. But the backbone of any filtering - a grid. They come in different types. It may be made of metal, fiber or even of silicone. One of the most practical is the grid nickel NP2.

The main task during the manufacture of any grid has maximum protection from further devastating impacts during operation. This is due to the fact that during filtration it is always in contact with water, chemicals and other liquids. Popular with manufacturers it uses mesh nickel NP2.

According to state standards, mesh nickel NP2 GOST 6613 is made with square cells. It is used for cleaning and filtering any liquid and gas. Grid nickel NP2 GOST 6613 is of three kinds. This grid normal precision, accuracy and control.

If you choose this product you will never regret buying it. But we want to warn you that the grid should be protected from mechanical damage. It cannot be broken, beat, stab, as this may damage. It is important to know also that the mesh nickel NP2 is non-toxic to humans and does not cause allergic reactions.

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